Philips Sleep and Respiratory Device Recall

Philips is recalling respiratory devices including CPAP, BPAP, noninvasive and invasive mechanical ventilators. A recent statement from Philips recommends all CPAP/BPAP users to discontinue use of their device. If you are a patient who possesses and/or uses these devices, you need to follow the steps below.

Eisenhower is providing this information to you as a courtesy because you are our patient. Eisenhower is not involved in the recall. However, Eisenhower is sending you this letter to provide further information that may help you determine the next appropriate step to take. Please note that you should contact your durable medical equipment provider directly with questions regarding your equipment; Eisenhower has no direct role in replacing your Philips device.


  1. First, confirm per the Philips website that you have a recalled device:
  2. If you do have a device that has been recalled, register your current device online with Philips directly. This will ensure that you receive updated information from Philips regarding the recall. or call Philips at 877-907-7508.

Philips will be working to replace affected patient devices with the new Dreamstation 2 which uses FDA-approved silicone rather than foam for noise abatement. However, they anticipate this process could take up to a year or more to complete as it’s estimated that there are one million devices in the U.S. alone and some three million worldwide that need replacement or refurbishment.

Please contact your medical provider who is managing your ventilator/CPAP/BPAP care if you have questions or concerns about the Philips recall and to discuss whether you should stop using your device.

For more information about this recall from Philips, click the links below: