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  • When Elaine Church first started feeling weakness and discomfort in her lower back a few years ago, she was able to relieve it through her regular yoga and stretching practice. Then, about two years... more
  • Though not as prevalent as back pain, neck pain is still extremely common and afflicts millions of Americans every year. The vast majority of cases can be treated... more
  • Almost as certain as death and taxes are neck and back pain. Nearly 8 in 10 individuals, at some point in life, will develop significant neck or back pain that warrants medical... more
  • Long distance runner, Fred Hauptmann, discusses his stenosis symptoms and how Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center physician Reginald Fayssoux, MD alleviated pain and numbness in his back and legs... more
  • EISENHOWER DESERT ORTHOPEDIC CENTER has received approval to participate in a FDA/IDE pivotal study, sponsored by Premia Spine, Ltd., studying the use of the TOPS™ System. If approved, TOPS... more
  • John White, 70, is an active guy. Retired from the military, police and federal court, and still running his own private investigator business, it’s not in his nature to be sedentary. But... more