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  • Perry Schall, MD

    Perry Schall, MD


    • Internal Medicine*
    • * Indicates Board Certified in this Specialty
    La Quinta

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    Eisenhower Health
    45280 Seeley Drive
    Argyros Health Center, Third Floor
    La Quinta, CA 92253

    Perry Schall, MD


    • Internal Medicine*
    • * Indicates Board Certified in this Specialty
    Perry Schall, MD, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is an Eisenhower Primary Care 365 Primary Care physician seeing patients at the Eisenhower Argyros Health Center in La Quinta. 

    Dr. Schall completed his residency program at Northeast Ohio Medical University. With more than 35 years of experience as an internist, Dr. Schall comes to Eisenhower most recently from UCLA’s Health Faculty Practice in Los Angeles. Prior to his tenure in Los Angeles, he practiced internal medicine for twelve years at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio.

    Dr. Schall was drawn to a career in medicine through his deep desire to aid and care for people. “My father was in business, and I had no interest in following that path,” states Dr. Schall. “I’m a people-person and was drawn toward the sciences, so medicine was a natural path for me.”

    In choosing the specialty of internal medicine, Dr. Schall satisfied his desire to treat the whole person. Dr. Schall reflects, “Internal Medicine allows me to see the big picture (vs. treating a specific issue) and create solutions to putting the “health-puzzle” together --- it’s a lot like being a detective. Internal medicine involves a comprehensive nature of caring, where I get to know all aspects of my patients’ lives — social, emotional as well as physical — all these aspects play into one’s health.”

    According to Dr. Schall, listening is the greatest thing a physician can do for his or her patients. “By listening, I can gain great insight into a patient’s health and lifestyle and that assists me in suggestions for a care-plan for someone to regain health or stay healthy.”

    When not working, Dr. Schall likes to stay active by biking, hiking, jogging and playing golf.

    Professional Details

    • English
    • 40 years
    • 5 years

    Professional Education

    • Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara Mexico
    • Canton Medical Education Foundation
    Publication Date: April 22, 2024