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  • Lin Fang, NP

    Lin Fang, NP


    • Cardiology
    Rancho Mirage

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    Desert Cardiology Center
    Hal B. Wallis Bldg.
    39000 Bob Hope Dr.
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

    Lin Fang, NP


    • Cardiology
    Lin Fang holds the National Board Certification from American Academy of Nurse Practitioner in Family Practice. After receiving her RN-BSN degree in nursing from University of Iowa, Lin worked as a cardiac nurse and took care of variety of cardiac patients.  In a tertiary teaching hospital, Lin had the opportunity to work in multi-specialty areas including Cardiac, Med-Surge, Geriatric, Pediatric,   Neurology, Psychiatric units and OR. After years of working as a cardiac nurse, Lin received her master degree in family nurse practitioner from the University of Iowa.  Lin also holds a master degree in education from University of Alaska. Lin taught clinical skills for undergraduate nursing students in UIOWA and has been fascinated by the complexity and functions of the human heart. 

    “I am from a professional teaching family and grew up on the university campus. I realized that teaching and patient education are fundamental and complementing to the fields of nursing and medicine. I consider my nurse practitioner role as a care coordinator, and educator. It is supportive but autonomic and interdependent. I am deeply compassionate in helping patients to achieve their optimum health through education and best cardiac management.  My prior multiple clinic exposures including working in a large family practice clinic in Mercy system in Iowa have helped me broaden my horizons.”

    Lin enjoys swimming and Tai Ji. She was trained as a competitive swimmer at high school.“ I enjoy the butterfly style immensely. Bringing the shoulders and arms to upward and propelling motions along with the rhythmic Dolphin Kicks require strength, focus, courage and balance- the symbols for endurance, rebirth, hope, and life. Taiji on the other hand, teaches me harmony, balance, flexibility and peacefulness.” Lin has donated and led multiple medical missions to bring the prosthetic hands including 3D printed devices to the poor and disabled farmers and children in rural China from 2012-2017. 

    Lin has been working for Dr. Rubin since 2007, focusing more in EP cardiology including arrhythmia, pacemakers, and ICDs, among other procedures 

    “I love my profession, enjoy and appreciate the nurturing environment under Dr. Rubin in the past 14 years and recently with Dr. Fitts. “ 

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    • English
    • 21 years
    • 17 years

    Supervising Physician

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    • University of Iowa College of Medicine
    Publication Date: April 20, 2024