Monkeypox Vaccine Update

The California Department of Public Health has released 120 doses of the JYNNEOS vaccine for monkey pox to Eisenhower Health to assist in the care of Eisenhower patients who have had a high risk exposure to the disease.
On Wednesday, July 20, Eisenhower Health received 120 doses of the monkeypox vaccine from Riverside County Department of Public Health. 
At that time, the demand was already very high and supply extremely limited.
To optimally utilize the limited doses available, Eisenhower prioritized patients with a confirmed or possible high risk exposure within the last 14 days. 
Additional priority was given to our higher risk patients, including those with HIV, and to patients with exposures in the last four days, as treatment is most effective immediately following exposure. 
Eisenhower Health has been communicating directly with eligible patients.
At this time, we have exhausted our initial allocation. 
Unfortunately, this means those eligible for the monkeypox vaccine will be unable to receive it at Eisenhower Health due to lack of vaccine supply from state and federal agencies.
As Eisenhower receives additional allotments from Riverside County Department of Public Health, we will expand access as much as possible and participate in greater outreach to serve more people in the community.
Although other potential vaccines do exist (e.g. TPOXX, ACAM2000), the availability of these is also regulated by public health agencies and at this time we do not have any available doses.  
We are working closely with the county to advocate for our patients and obtain additional supply as soon as it becomes available. 
Coachella Valley residents are encouraged to review the CDC’s tips for preventing exposure to monkeypox. If you have lesions, please do not attend social events where you might spread the disease. If you suspect you have monkeypox, please contact your physician or an urgent care facility. Testing for monkeypox will be coordinated with Riverside County Public Health, which provides the testing kit.