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    Remembering, Honoring, Moving Forward COVID-19 — for more than 100 years, there hasn’t been a global public health crisis of this magnitude. Because of the far-reaching effects... more
  • For months, there wasn’t even a word for it, let alone medical terminology. Symptoms ranged from debilitating fatigue to brain fog and memory issues, respiratory issues, heart palpitations,... more
  • Earlier in the fall, in the shadow of the General Eisenhower statue in Bliss Gardens at the front of Eisenhower Hospital, a monument was installed to memorialize the collective response of everyone... more
  • Right now, managing your stress and maintaining healthy habits is more important than ever. The coronavirus pandemic — with its self-isolation, social distancing and upheaval of... more
  • Exercise can help you get and stay healthier during the pandemic and long after Imagine you could take a single medicine that would simultaneously relieve your anxiety or depression,... more
  • A world-wide pandemic. A time of global reckoning and fear. Humans are incredibly resourceful and resilient but the novel coronavirus has given us challenges we’ve never before seen or had to... more
  • Exercising, and subsequently boosting your immune system, has never been more important than during a pandemic. As long as it’s safe to go outdoors, walking is an excellent way to get in shape... more
    Below is a Q&A regarding Covid-19 vaccines and vaccinations that we hope you find helpful. When can I expect to be vaccinated? Eisenhower Health (like most California hospitals)... more
  • Recognizing the unique situation presented by COVID-19 this year, Eisenhower Health has departed its practice of naming a single Physician of the Year, instead opting to recognize a larger group of... more